When brainstorming with Baxter of California on how we could bring this story and the conversation to their new campaign, we wanted to cast authentically and honestly. We heard stories of estrangement, break-ups, two dads, step dads to no dads and really wanted to embrace a developing and inclusive language and meaning around fatherhood.
— Marvin Maddix CEO

Father’s Day is a beautiful day to celebrate your Dad, yet for some with a more unconventional upbringing, it can feel quite isolating. This year, Men’s skincare label Baxter of California enlists BeyondXY for their latest Father’s Day campaign in support of #NONTRADITIONALFATHERS.

The new campaign looks to transcend the conventions of fatherhood looking to Young talent and influencers.

Sam Way and Shae Pulver to celebrate difference, cultures and fatherhood through via their personal journeys. BeyondXY and Baxter of California wanted to offer an authentic story that spoke loudly to current generations and being a role-model with pride. The campaign sees Shae Pulver speak openly about his upbringing, with no conventional "mxle" figure and Sam talk rugby and the importance of mxle bonding.

This is a celebration of "other” taking our hats off to the ones who go unmentioned. The men who take on the responsibility of “role model” and hold it with pride. The Uncles, Granddads, Cousins and even those male friends that really shape who we are, no matter who we are and love us unconditionally.